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Welcome to the Dahomey's Spirits website. We are a Beninese distillery based in Cotonou, specialising in the production and marketing of top-quality spirits. We are a company committed to promoting Benin's cultural and traditional heritage through our products, and we are proud to present our flagship product, the Dabisso Génésiss liqueur.

Produced in the traditional way from the distillation of palm wine (sodabi) and a harmonious blend of carefully selected fruits and spices, Dabisso Génésiss liqueur offers a unique bouquet of flavours, with notes of cinnamon, spearmint and clove. The liqueur was recently awarded a silver medal at Lyon's Worlds Best Product competition, which pits the world's finest spirits against each other, a testament to its exceptional quality and unique character.

At Dahomey's Spirits, we pride ourselves on using quality local ingredients and respecting traditional production techniques to deliver premium spirits that will delight the most discerning palates. We are proud to share this little-valued African liquor with the rest of the world and are committed to providing an exceptional tasting experience for all our customers.

Order now from our online store and discover the unique flavours of Dahomey's Spirits Dabisso Génésiss liqueur. We're sure you'll be seduced by the quality and uniqueness of our product, but the rest is up to you after you've tasted it! Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or in your own cocktails.

History of Sodabi

 The history of Sodabi, also known by different names in West Africa, is closely linked to the tradition, culture and economy of the region. This alcoholic beverage has a rich and ancient history stretching back many centuries.

At the heart of this story are the brothers Gbéhalaton and Bonou Kiti Sodabi, originally from Allada in southern Benin. In the early 20th century, they played a crucial role in the creation and popularization of Sodabi. Originally, palm wine, made from the sap of palm trees, was a traditional beverage widely consumed in the region. However, the Sodabi brothers had the idea of distilling this palm wine to make a stronger, more concentrated brandy.

Distillation was a new concept for them, informed when they were Senegalese tirailleurs fighting for France in the First World War. Returning to Benin after the war, they built stills and began distilling palm wine. The result was a more potent alcoholic beverage, which quickly gained popularity among the local population.

The name "Sodabi" was given to this new brandy in honor of the Sodabi brothers who pioneered it. Sodabi has become an emblematic drink in Benin and Togo, where it occupies an important place in daily, social and religious life. It is often associated with traditional ceremonies and rituals, and is also consumed at social gatherings.

Over the years, Sodabi has spread to other West African countries, each giving it a different name: in Cameroon, it's called "odontol" or "hâ", in Côte d'Ivoire, "koutoukou", in Ghana, "akpeteshie", and in Nigeria, "ogogoro". Despite these different names, the drink remains essentially the same, based on distilled palm wine.

Sodabi is thus an important part of West Africa's cultural and culinary heritage, and continues to play a significant role in the lives of the communities that produce and consume it.

Our concerns

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Dabisso Genesiss, an exceptional liqueur inspired by the traditional Sodabi of Benin. At Dahomey's Spirits, we've made the quest for excellence our credo. We meticulously select the palm trees of southern Benin to extract the best from the sap, so that we can offer you exceptional quality. For us, the rule is the exception, because we believe that every drop of Dabisso Genesiss deserves to be an unforgettable experience.

Our artisanal liqueur is the result of a meticulous selection of the highest quality ingredients. Every stage of our manufacturing process is marked by attention to detail, guaranteeing a liqueur of incomparable rarity and purity. At Les Spiritueux du Dahomey, we don't just follow standards, we exceed them.

Explore our range of products, because Dabisso Genesiss is just the beginning. We're constantly working on new variations on cocktails with flavours that are as surprising as they are exotic, to awaken your senses to new taste experiences.

We are proud to introduce you to this little-known spirit in France, a treasure that deserves to be explored and appreciated. Quality is our recommendation, and your satisfaction remains at the heart of our concerns. At Dahomey's Spirits, the exception is the rule, and rarity is our promise.

Social and environmental responsibility

At Dahomey's spirits, we have a deep conviction: our business will have the power to positively transform the society and environment in which we operate. That's why we are committed to embedding social and environmental responsibility (SER) at the heart of who we are and how we do business. We support the "Ouanilo" association in its fight to help street children in Benin and in its work with sodabi workers to promote more environmentally-friendly production.

 A portion of our profits will be donated to them. Through your purchase, you are helping to make the world a better place...

Social and environmental responsibility

We are determined to be pioneers in environmental sustainability. By drastically reducing our carbon footprint, adopting environmentally-friendly production methods and investing in green technologies, we aspire to become a role model for the spirits industry. We are committed to minimising our water consumption and recycling the water used in our production process, thereby helping to preserve our planet's precious resources.

We do everything we can to support our local farming partners by promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Together, we work to restore and preserve biodiversity, while improving farming methods that respect the land.Our aim is to create a circular and responsible supply chain, where every stage of production is harmoniously linked to the health of our ecosystem.

Social commitment

In addition to our environmental impact, we are committed to the well-being of the local communities around us. In partnership with the 'Ouanilo' association, we have set up an innovative programme to help farmers adopt sustainable palm sap practices without felling. In doing so, we encourage the responsible use of natural resources and preserve the cultural wealth of our partners.

We firmly believe that a sustainable future depends on education and social equity. This is why we are investing in the education of street children by supporting the "A meal, a roof and you" initiative run by the "Ouanilo" association. We want to offer these vulnerable children a safe haven, nutritious meals and access to quality education.. By giving them the tools they need to succeed, we hope to help break the cycle of poverty and build a promising future for all.

Sustainable development

Our commitment to sustainable development goes beyond current actions. We see innovation as a key driver of progress. We therefore invest in research to develop technologies and practices that are even more respectful of the environment. Our aim is to open up new avenues for sustainable and ethical palm wine production.

As players in our industry, we recognise the importance of working hand in hand with all stakeholders. We actively collaborate with local communities, civil society organisations and government authorities.

A passionate team dedicated to you

Our team is made up of passionate people who are committed to the development of our company. They work hard every day to ensure your satisfaction and the prosperity of our company. They share our values and pass them on to you in your live discussions or on our website. was created to meet your needs and requirements. We've noticed that there's a certain craze for Genésiss palm liqueur, which raises a lot of questions. That's why we've given you the opportunity to find out more about us and to reserve and pay for your exceptions by sending us a message with your details so that we can send you a secure link.

We spent a long time wondering how we were going to set up this online service and how best to meet your needs. So we simply asked you the question and implemented your requests. Finally, we took a long marketing and management course to build a site you can trust. Our aim is to be a benchmark in our field and to support you throughout the year.

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